Convenience Affects Accuracy

Remember when you chose a company for repairs or services simply because they told you over the phone EXACTLY how much it would cost and how long repairs would take? You probably chose them ONLY because of that reason correct? How did that work out for you?!

Our guess is that they did a mediocre job with sub-par customer service. A quick fix might be convenient for you at the time you’re in need of services. But this allows for mediocre companies to charge you for mediocre services that leave you far from satisfied.

At Spraymaster we DO NOT give estimates or quotes over the phone for collision repairs because we need to accurately assess your vehicle. That means we need your car in the shop to tell you how much repairs are going to cost.

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

Benjamin Franklin

We know at the time you call us you might be minutes past your car accident and we understand that you expect help and answers ASAP. There are companies out there that will quote you a certain amount without inspecting your vehicle’s damages. What do you think happens when they realize the damages are more expensive than they quoted you?

In that situation, some body shops will budget your vehicles repairs to the initial inaccurate quote they gave you over the phone. That means they will use low quality parts, cheap paint, and probably ignore some damages in order to complete the job. Eventually this will cost you even more in future repairs and possible even additional damages over time.

Do not get lost in how convenient an estimate or quote is when it comes to collision repairs. Convenience can affect the accuracy of your vehicles damages and repairs. At Spraymaster we follow the same procedure with every client. We need your vehicle in the shop for a disassembly process to more accurately asses damages and repairs. Ultimately, our clients are more accurately informed of the cost of repairs, the quality of parts required for repairs, and in the end are satisfied with the quality of the work we provide at Spraymaster.