Unseen Damage After a Collision

When damage isn’t fixed after a collision, it can lead to costly repairs in the future. A mediocre body shop will overlook unseen damage and only repair what’s visibly damaged. Hidden damage cannot hide from a trained technician at Spraymaster.

The crumpled and dented areas might look like the most damaged on your vehicle, but it is important for a technician to identify hidden damages to your vehicle’s suspension, steering, brakes, or engine components. These issues are often not discovered until the vehicle is in the shop and on the lift, and they are crucial to identify and repair to ensure maximum safety for your vehicle.

The most common types of unseen damage are:

  • Bumper Damage
  • Brake Damage
  • Suspension Damage

The bumper, along with other parts underneath it, is designed to absorb any impact. Once the bumper’s integrity is compromised, it doesn’t have those same safety features. These are issues you do not want to ignore. In the event of another accident, you could have serious safety issues.

The force of an impact can damage sensitive braking components. These parts can actually loosen or break off from the car. If the accident was severe enough, you might even experience a leak in the brake line. If your brake lines are damaged, it can make your vehicle a safety hazard, and it will be extremely unsafe to operate on the road.

The suspension system is very often damaged in a crash. It doesn’t take much to damage these sensitive driving systems. As a critical system used to maintain control of your vehicle, it is important for a technician to assess any hidden damage to the suspension. A technician should be able to check the shocks, struts, and springs for damages.

No hidden damages are safe from a technician here at Spraymaster Body & Paint Shop. Don’t settle for mediocre repairs and give us a call and schedule an appointment with us to assess your vehicle.