How Well Can I Expect My Vehicle to Perform after Collision Repairs?

In the past, a car that had been in a collision was never the same after repairs. Today’s new technology and techniques allow collision repairs to leave your vehicle back to its original condition, as long as they are done correctly. Today’s repairs can give your car the same sound structure, functionality, and appearance as it had before an accident.

If you’ve had a bad experience in the past with collision repair and disagree with us, you might be one of the ones that used a shop that cut corners to save money and time for their own benefit. Shops like that typically concentrate on the aesthetic repairs, which to the naked eye would tell you your vehicle is fixed and running 100%. However, it’s the repairs you can’t see that are neglected and botched that lead to poor performance of your vehicle.

“How can I separate the bad shops from the good ones?”, you might ask yourself. We suggest doing thorough research to find out the previous experiences of other customers. Unsatisfied clients will tell you most of what you need to know. Additionally and more important for us here at Spraymaster is experience. When you have over 45 years experience, you know a thing or two about customer satisfaction.