Why Are You Hesitant to Commit to Collision Repairs for Your Vehicle?

Most El Pasoans are hesitant when it comes to choosing professional services, and with good reason. We all struggle to commit to professional services because 1) we know little to nothing about the services being rendered 2) we’ve had a bad experience with the same services in the past 3) the cost of the services, especially when they’re unexpected. Here’s what we’ve learned  from our experiences with clients hesitating to move forward with their vehicles repairs:

Auto Insurance Deductibles Are Too High

99.9% of accidents are unexpected. However, as a driver and policy holder, you would greatly benefit from becoming familiar with your coverage and policies. Knowing your deductible is high can help you better prepare for those expenses and even save up a partial amount for those unexpected emergencies.

Scared to Get Screwed Over by a Body Shop

There will always exist a body shop or two that lack integrity and focus their business on making the bigger buck by cheating their clients. For that reason we always emphasize to choose an experienced body shop over the one that gives you a cheap quote. Most of the time an experience body shop will provide you with peace of mind, explaining most procedures to you and keeping in constant contact with you about your vehicles’ repairs. Body shops that will screw you over rarely provide clients with information.

“I’m Gonna Go With the Cheapest Quote”

We all find ourselves in the situation where we’re looking for the cheapest price in the fastest amount of time. That might work when we’re shopping for napkins at the nearest dollar store. When it comes to your vehicles’ repairs, choosing the cheapest quote means you’re willing to jeopardize the safety of your vehicle, your personal safety, and your family’s safety to save a couple hundred bucks. And in the long run, might cost you even more in repairs in the future due to the low quality of repairs by the cheap fix.

We understand why you’d hesitate to get started on your vehicles’ repairs. We know you have a lot of questions ranging from costs of services to time of repairs. Start making the better choice for your auto collision repairs and give us a call. We are more than happy to answer your questions and concerns.